For sharks’ sake,
take a vacation

Explore Lombok’s natural beauty and laidback charm with a former shark fisherman who has hung up his nets in favour of guiding tourists, instead of hunting down the dwindling shark population. When you book an eco-tour, you support his new livelihood.


An ex-secondary school teacher, Kathy's passion for the environment and dismay over the shark trade spurred her to start The Dorsal Effect. Her solution? Persuade shark fishermen to earn their livelihoods as eco-tour guides, and save sharks from being hunted down for their fins.

When you see sharks in their natural habitat, I think that there's a point where something would change in you and you really want your future generations to be able to experience that as well.

Kathy Xu,
Founder, The Dorsal Effect


As a guest, you will be taken on a boat to pristine snorkel sites and secluded beaches far away from the usual touristy areas, where you can swim in crystal clear waters amid healthy reefs. Tours include a visit to a fish market to learn about the shark situation.

With the guide’s rich knowledge of the island, and first-hand experience as a fisherman, get ready to be amazed.

These pristine beaches and clear blue skies await you on your next vacation to Lombok.
(Photo credit: Brice Li)
Once a shark fisherman, Suhardi now helps Kathy in leading eco-tours while spreading the message of conservation.
(Photo credit: Caroline Pang)
Let Kathy and your fisherman tour guide take you far away from the usual tourist areas.
(Photo credit: Brice Li)
Snorkel in cool, clear waters under the warm sun.
(Photo credit: Brice Li)
Dive in and gain a deeper appreciation of the beauty around you.
(Photo credit: Brice Li)
Take a break with a delicious and filling meal – all part of the tour!
(Photo credit: Brice Li)
Leave satisfied, seeing Lombok in a different light.
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Help fulfil Kathy’s audacious dream — To get more shark fishermen to switch to leading such eco-tourism tours for a sustainable income.

You can do your part just by booking a tour with The Dorsal Effect. Demand from responsible travellers like you encourages fishermen to consider eco-tourism as an alternative to hunting for sharks for income.

In the long run, this could improve the situation for sharks, and result in a healthier marine ecosystem in Lombok.

Buying some cool shark t-shirts from Kathy is a pretty good idea too.


Travellers can fly to Lombok, or catch a boat from nearby islands. The Dorsal Effect can pick you up from Kuta, Senggigi or Mataram. Costs differ depending on your selected pickup point.


The Dorsal Effect advocates sustainable tourism, so littering is a no-no.
You may be asked to help pick up litter from the beaches — all part of helping the environment.
Pack a reef-safe sunscreen. You wouldn't want your trip to damage the marine environment.
Bring along a handy torchlight
This is not a luxury cruise – be prepared for the simple charms of rustic travelling in the great outdoors.

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