The magic of a simpler life with rice

This farm in Chiang Rai will allow you to dig into the ins and outs of organic rice farming and experience the traditional way of life in the lush countryside. You also get the opportunity to support social impact programmes that benefit the community.


Say hello to your intrepid host Kitt as he welcomes you with the warm hospitality of Northern Thailand. Kitt and his family are members of the Karen Sg’aw hill tribe community and they will guide and teach you all you need to know during your visit. Kitt’s mum, Mother Tomei, will keep your tummy happy and full. Kitt's father will not only work the fields with you, he may even serenade you with a folk song or two as you till the land together.

We use nature, we take many things from nature. So we should take care and give something back.

Kitt Tiger,
Co-Founder, Tigerland Rice Farm


Depending on which season you visit, you’ll learn how to either plant or harvest rice, from ploughing the rice paddy, planting rice seedlings, to getting the rice ready for consumption. Through this process, you will also learn about traditional and organic farming methods.

The serenity of Tigerland Rice Farm makes it an ideal place to practice yoga and do deep meditation. You can spend a few hours (or days) in silence in your private hideout. There are meditation huts and platforms out in the paddy field and in the bamboo forest.

There are also half-day or whole-day hill tribe cultural tours you can go on to explore the history and charm of the local communities.

Nestled in the hills of Chiang Rai, visitors are welcome to experience the simple life as a farmer at Tigerland Rice Farm.
Meet Kitt, your host for the duration of your stay! Kitt and his family welcome visitors from all over the world to stay at Tigerland Rice Farm.
Let Kitt’s father teach you some folk songs as you go about your farming activities.
If you feel up to it, try your hand at ploughing!
Farming is a way of life for this Karen Sg’aw hilltribe community in Northern Thailand.
If you feel you can give more, donate a piglet to a deserving family through the Raise-A-Piggy project.
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When you stay at Tigerland Rice Farm, you help in the organic farming of rice, but there are other ways you can get involved in other community projects.

You can donate English story books with the Raise-a-Library project which helps set up more libraries in the village. This provides the hill tribe children with sufficient resources to improve their English.

You can be a sponsor in the Raise-a-Piggy project which provides a deserving family with a piglet to raise with care before they sell it off after a year. The money from the sale supports their children’s education.

You can donate a cow in the Raise-a-Moo-Moo-Cow project. A family raises the cow for about two years, during which they can use or sell the milk. Once the cow bears a calf, the cow will be returned to Tigerland Rice Farm to help another family. The money will support their children’s education.


Make your way to Chiang Rai International Airport, where the Tigerland Rice Farm team will pick you up. The rice farm is a 30-minute drive away. You will also be sent to the airport at the end of your stay.


Bring along sunscreen and any other forms of sun protection
Be ready to do some physical labour – it’s all part of the experience in learning to appreciate farming
There is no wi-fi, internet, television, air-conditioning and hot showers. Trade city comforts for rural charms, such as showering with fresh water from a mountain stream.

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