Plant rice — and hope — in a highland retreat

Langit Collective

With Langit Collective, farm-to-table is no mere fashionable dining concept — it is a movement that empowers one of the world’s most remote farming communities. 

Nourished by crisp mountain air, pristine streams and a temperate climate, Long Semadoh, a highland region in northeastern Sarawak, is home to some of the world’s best produce, notably heirloom rice varietals unique to this region.

Travel with Langit to Long Semadoh for a taste of not only some of the world’s most amazing rice, but also the culture behind every bite.

The difference you make

Of the trip fees, 66 per cent goes towards the host family and other costs, including a fee for Langit’s founders, who act as guides. The remainder goes to Langit as profit. 

The cut that the host family and other service providers receive provides a valuable supplement to their earnings, and helps create an incentive amongst the younger generation to stay on in Long Semadoh, instead of moving to bigger cities just to take up odd jobs. 

Langit currently works with one host family, but hopes to grow this network depending on the readiness of the households and traveller demand.

Meet Lilian and Zi of Langit Collective

Getting there

You will need to make your way to the town of Lawas in Sarawak, where a four-wheel drive will meet you and drive you to Long Semadoh Naseb. The ride is very bumpy, so bring a neck pillow or medication if you have motion sickness.

The most direct route to Lawas is to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu or Miri, and take the MasWings flight to Lawas. See here for alternative options.

About the host

Uncle Liun and Aunty Ribed are Lun Bawang, an indigenous tribe of former hunter-gatherers turned agrarian farmers who do subsistence farming using traditional methods. 

Their spacious four-bedroom home began as a simple wooden house that they expanded over the years, and they look forward to hosting and cooking for guests — and showing them the ins and outs of farming rice!

Meet Aunty Ribed of Langit Collective

Traveller's Notes

As the village is located in the highlands, temperatures can drop to 13 degrees Celsius at night. Bring some warm clothing.

The homestay is operated by a couple (Uncle Liun and Aunty Ribed). Rooms are shared, but you will have your own bed. As you are living in their homes as guests, do respect their space and house rules.

Your daily meals will be prepared by the hosts but you’re welcome to cook your favourite dishes to share.

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