An idyllic village homestay in Kerala


Wake up to nature and enjoy home-cooked meals at this village homestay in Kerala. Your visit will rejuvenate you and your stay will empower your hosts.


Not only will you empower the Nambiar family through the homestay so that they can continue with (and share) their way of living, your visit to the village school may even inspire you to do more, such as by volunteering to spend time with them.

The Nambiars are part of SaveAGram, which works with rural communities to open their doors to tourism, to develop sustainable incomes. Aside from Kerala, SaveAGram offers a homestay experience in Uttarakhand. 

In addition, SaveAGram works with farmers from these communities, encouraging them to continue to farm in sustainable ways by providing a platform to package and sell distribute their products. 

A stay with SaveAGram, or a purchase from their shop, helps empower rural communities.


Good for kids

Getting there

From the international airports in Chennai, Bangalore or Mumbai, take a domestic flight to Calicut or Mysore. From there, hire a taxi for the two-hour scenic drive to your host's home. Alternatively, it is a six-hour drive from Bangalore or Kochi airport. Your host can help make all transport arrangements.

Traveller’s notes

Try the refreshing coconut water

Ask Kesavan to take you on a walk at sunset

Don’t leave any plastic behind

Listen out for a chorus of birds in the early morning every day

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