A Chinese clan settlement that has survived modernity

Clan Jetties

These waterfront communities, home to Chinese clans that settled here in the late 19th century, are the last of an indelible part of Penang's multi-cultural heritage.


Visiting the jetties help preserve the history of the area, and infrastructure has improved as a result of interest from travellers. Local communities also earn some income from selling souvenirs to visitors. 

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Getting there

Located near the ferry terminal, the Clan Jetties are an easy walk from or bicycle ride from George Town.

You can also hop on a trishaw - it’s a fun way to see the city without breaking a sweat, plus you’ll support a fading industry – reportedly less than 80 of these vehicles survive in Penang. 

Traveller's Notes

The Chew Jetty is the most tourist friendly, with the longest walkway, pop-up stalls and a floating temple. But note that the jetties are still homes, so respect the residents’ privacy.

  •  Alexandra Wong 

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