Explore the unexpected in a red-light district

Geylang Adventures

Explore Geylang's mix of vice, migrant culture, great food, and complex social issues rarely seen by visitors - and support the disadvantaged. 


A walk with Geylang Adventures - a social enterprise - is the first step towards breaking down social barriers and understanding xenophobia, while discovering hidden adventures and enclaves in a Singaporean heartland. You also support their volunteer initiatives such as giving free haircuts to migrant workers and the low-income on weekends. 

Geylang Adventures has also launched a second walk in Dakota, one of Singapore's oldest housing estates. Take in its quaint charm, and learn about the price of urban redevelopment - exacted on the elderly residents who called it home.  

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Explore the issues faced by the former Dakota residents here

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Getting there

The meeting point for the Geylang walks is usually Aljunied MRT station (indicated in the map) on the East West Line. For Dakota, the meeting point is Mountbatten MRT station on the Circle Line.  

About the host

Founder Cai Yinzhou grew up in Geylang and has made it his mission to get people to look past the neighbourhood's image of vice and great food. The social entrepreneur has kickstarted many volunteer-driven initiatives to build community bonds – and it all began with a game of badminton with migrant workers he befriended in his neighbourhood. 

Traveller's Notes

The walk involves some three hours of walking, so dress light and comfortable, put on walking shoes and bring a smile with you!

Bookings can be made through their Facebook page, or over Airbnb.  

Do note that tour prices exclude the cost of any food and drinks purchased during the tour.

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