A hidden desert stay that uplifts its community

Hacra Dhani

The sprawling Thar desert is home to diverse wildlife — and a friendly sustainable tourism community. Discover a desert that's anything but desolate.


Hacra Dhani is a community-based responsible travel initiative, started and managed by a self-taught local with a small team. 

Your experience at this “living desert” ensures that every penny spent goes directly to the locals whose livelihood is being supported by Hacra (like the camel herders) or who now have an alternative source of seasonal income (like the guides and kitchen-help)

The stay arrangement at a minimalist-yet-comfortable jhumpa (mud huts) with meals cooked from locally-produced-and-sourced ingredients ensures a low carbon footprint.

Getting there

Jodhpur can be reached by flight (90 minutes), train (10 to 12 hours) or bus (13 hours) from New Delhi. From Jaipur, a bus takes about seven hours, while a train takes about five hours).

From Jodhpur, you can ask to be picked by up Gemar ji and his family for the two-hour journey to Hacra. 

Alternatively, take a bus from Jodhpur to Osian. Check with Gemar ji regarding the timings of the buses plying the route closer to your date of travel.

About the host

Your host is Gemar ji, who is leading the community’s foray into tourism, by setting up accommodation and inviting the community to work as guides or provide hospitality services to travellers. 

Meet Gemar and Gajje of Hacra Dhani

Traveller's notes

Hacra is an opportunity to disconnect from screens and the buzz prevalent in most cities and towns. Here, a harried traveller can stop and process their experiences in a peaceful environment.

Do not expect a luxurious glamping getaway. There is no electricity, running water, or en-suite bathrooms. Guests are provided with solar lamps in the evenings; the nights are pleasantly cool (sometimes cold) so fans are not required.

The bathrooms have a single bucket of water for each guest (remember this is a water-scarce environment). The landscape can seem harsh but the ambience of the stay more than compensates for it.

Meals are vegetarian only.

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