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Ragi Kana

Beautifully-woven products lovingly-grown produce is only the start. Ragi Kana is a movement advocating sustainability and rural traditions through talks and workshops.


Supporting local artisans, helping bridge the rural-urban divide and raising awareness for the preservation of the environment are some of the positive outcomes from your visit.

All the talks, workshops and stalls are organised with positive ecological, social and economic impact in mind - the result of painstaking effort by volunteers who have dedicated themselves to the movement. 

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About the host

Ragi Kana

Ragi Kana is is spearheaded by Prasanna, who also started Charaka, a handloom collective that empowers women weavers from rural areas, and DESI, the social enterprise through which Charaka's products are sold. 

Traveller's notes

If clean and farm-to-table type eating is your cup of tea, then attend one of the workshops or talks at Ragi Kana.

Chat with with the vendors and volunteers who run the market, and learn about why they do what they do. 

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