A cemetery walk of history, art and nature

a.t.Bukit Brown (All Things Bukit Brown)

Take a fascinating walk in Bukit Brown Cemetery, a spot so rich in Chinese immigrant history, it was placed on the World Monument's Watch list in 2014.


The memory and sigificance of Bukit Brown is being kept alive by the efforts of dedicated volunteers, who share their knowledge at no charge.

Your visit helps to spread the word about one of Singapore's most vulnerable historic treasures and promote awareness of conservation, so that heritage can co-exist with urban redevelopment.

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Getting there

To get there via public transport, take a train to Botanic Gardens MRT Station and walk to the bus stop at Adam Road in front of Singapore Bible College (bus stop code: 41121). Then take any of these buses: 74, 93, 157, 165, 852, 855. Alight two stops later before Singapore Island Country Club (bus stop code: 41141) on Adam Road. Cross the overhead bridge and walk towards Sime Road.

Traveller's Notes

Walks are usually held twice a month on weekend. To find out the exact dates, check https://peatix.com/user/617188.

Please note that there are no bathroom facilities at Bukit Brown.

You will head into a forested area so grab your caps, insect repellent, and dress light, with walking shoes. Pack a poncho or umbrella in case it pours.

Due to ongoing construction, the entrance to the cemetery may change from time to time. Check this website http://bukitbrown.com/ for the latest updates and directions.

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