What responsible tourism can look like in Sumba

Sumba’s unexplored beaches and quaint villages are set for a tourism boom, and your relaxing getaway in this island resort will help enthusiastic locals like Jeffry meet the demand – funds go towards training programmes to hone their hospitality skills.


Curious, cheery and always ready with a smile, Jeffry is more than happy to show you around the place he calls home - the beautiful island of Sumba! Located near Bali, in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, Sumba’s stunning coastline and lush greenery makes it an appealing attraction for travellers looking to get away from the crowds. He’s the proud graduate of a training programme by Sumba Hospitality Foundation, which provides Jeffry and the local farming community the opportunity to gain the skills needed to reap the economic benefits of tourism.

“To see economic hope for the future, you have to teach local people, so they will have the opportunity to work on their island.”

Redempta TetaBato, Director, Sumba Hospitality Foundation


Who doesn't love relaxing on the beach? Or how about visiting a Sumbanese village to learn about their culture and traditions? For something a little more adventurous, you can also explore the Blue Waterfall, named for its unbelievably blue waters. These are just a few of the possible itineraries – there’s much more to explore, depending on your tastes and how much time you have.


During your stay, you can also spend some time getting to know the students to learn more about Sumba, or share any valuable experiences that may deepen the students' knowledge or thirst for learning. If you feel like it, you can even participate in their community English classes, or sit in a culinary class!


The Sumba Hospitality Foundation selects only 40 students every year to attend their training programme. These are underprivileged high school graduates who would otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue higher education. By staying in any of the five beautiful bamboo guest pavilions in the on-campus hotel school, you help fund the school programme and give students like Jeffry on-the-job training.

The school is run entirely on solar power, and a large part of the campus is dedicated to a permaculture farm. Students learn sustainable farming techniques as part of their curriculum, and share this knowledge with their families back home, and the hope is to set a precedence for sustainable development on the island.

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